con·​next /kuh-nekst/ – (verb) to connect to the next
… but the next what


The connections we make with each other and with our students make a profound difference in creating the future – the next – that we imagine and hope for. Our ability to grow connects inextricably with their ability to grow; our ability to adapt inspires their ability to adapt. Imagine a world where every student, every teacher, every leader, every campus, and every district believes ability and intelligence are shapable … where effective interventions that cultivate a growth mindset are available to everyone … and every student learns to love learning and love taking on new challenges.  

This is the next we want to see on our campuses and in our districts; it is the next we need. It is the next we ARE! 

Our context includes more new teachers and an education ecosystem learning to thrive in the post-pandemic normal. It takes time, it takes intention, it takes courage, and it takes us bringing our best selves to the table. Creating our “next” requires us to connect systems, ideas, and people; to try new things; to let some things go; to embrace the challenges; and to take risks. 

You’re invited! Connext with us at this year’s think! conference to connect to the next we all want and need! 

Join us for a lead4ward preconference session!
Nov 28, 1pm - 4pm
  • new to lead4ward or need a refresher? join the lead4ward 101 session
  • district or campus leader looking for ways to support your new teachers? join the being the leader your new teachers need session
who:    teachers, leaders, thinkers 

when:  nov 29 - 30, 2023
where: hyatt lost pines (near austin, texas) 
              575 hyatt lost pines rd
              lost pines, tx 78612