What can we do NOW to prepare for the new science TEKS? We've got you covered!

What is the Science ePLC?
The new science TEKS will be in effect for the 2024-25 school year. The goal of the new TEKS is to prepare future scientists and increase the science literacy of the general public. TEA is giving our state’s science curriculum a shake up to inspire less lecture and more hands-on learning for students. What changes have been made and what can we do NOW to prepare for teacher learning and the impact on curriculum, instruction, and assessment? This is what Texas science educators will be facing, so let’s be proactive!

The goal of the lead4ward science ePLC is to provide a virtual learning and support system for science educators throughout the year as we begin thinking about what’s just around the corner!

The support will include, but is not limited to, the following:

Key Areas to Plan for:

  • teacher learning
  • horizontal and vertical PLCs to identify changes, gaps, and strategic plan of action
  • development of curriculum, instruction, and assessment resources for the new standards
  • STAAR, PLCs, professional development, and what we can do NOW

Laying the Foundation for Implementation of the New Science Standards:

  • chunking our understanding of the new TEKS through digestible, logically paced learning videos [beginning August 2023]
  • comparing and understanding content and cognitive changes with the help of the lead4ward side-by-side resource
  • goals of the new TEKS, nature of science, and science literacy
  • utilizing the lead4ward side-by-side resource to examine the changes in the standards and the impact on curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • vertical and horizontal alignment and gap analysis
  • framework for K-12 Science Education and how it is reflected in the new standards
  • science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) and the shifting focus on scientific literacy and critical thinking
  • recurring Themes and Concepts (RTCs) and cross-curricular connections
  • science content and the shifting focus on scientific literacy and critical thinking
  • models, phenomena, and the interconnectedness of the SEPs, RCTs, and science content to support student learning
K-12 science teachers and leaders

For content questions, email jennie@lead4ward.com

The science ePLC service year is June 1, 2023 - May 31, 2024.