What is STAAR 2.0 and what do I need to know?
We now know that the redesign of STAAR will require much more complex thinking for students. We will explore how math teachers and leaders can have a renewed focus on data and instruction through the lens of the next generation of STAAR. Rather than focusing heavily on learning gaps, focusing on opportunities for learning opens up growth possibilities for all students. Additionally, we will explore how championing the process standards can help teachers and students meet their full potential.

Note: If you attended this workshop last year, the content is mostly the same with a few updates.

This overview helps math teachers and leaders:

  • explore the elements of the redesigned STAAR test
  • align thinking in the classroom to STAAR 2.0
  • adapt math instruction to re-emphasize the role of process


  • audience: math teachers and leaders
  • learning mode: virtual
  • date/time: July 26, 2022 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM CDT