the questions:

  • How will we leverage prevention as the best intervention by maximizing Tier 1 instruction?
  • How do we evaluate and adapt content and thinking within our curriculum to support ALL learners?
  • How can we streamline the intervention processes and routines for whole group, small group, and supplemental accelerated instruction (HB 4545)?

Campuses accommodate a wide range of student abilities in their classrooms, and teachers need structures and strategies to meet their unique learning needs. We’ll re-examine how we can lead our teachers in supporting instruction and intervention through the lens of process and content, prioritizing the high-impact curriculum standards. Whether a standard needs loopback for all, intervention for a few, or supplemental instruction for HB 4545, the lead4ward Think Along Plan will assist educators in leading intervention that promotes student competence and confidence! We’ll explore and refine structures that create data analysis and intervention opportunities that teachers can manage. We’ll also make connections to supplemental instruction requirements as outlined in HB 4545 by leveraging lead4ward tools and strategies to inform intervention and to plan with renewed intention.


  • audience: leadership teams (principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders)
  • learning mode: virtual
  • date/time: July 31, 2023 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM CDT