What we'll cover

District central office leaders play a key role in aligning systems and supporting campus leaders. District Systems of Support will assist district central office leaders in:
  • understanding the lead4ward data tools to focus professional development
  • leveraging the latest lead4ward resources to improve instruction
  • aligning lead4ward processes to advance district initiatives
These sessions will connect the district leadership team with the lead4ward leaders as thinking partners.  We will meet twice for face-to-face meetings and schedule ongoing virtual support sessions to help leaders create systems of support at the district level. 


How to get started:
  • register your district
  • contact Justin (justin@lead4ward.com) to schedule face-to-face meetings
  • think about what the focus will be and who needs to be part of the conversation

District Systems of Support service year is August 1, 2023 - July 31, 2024.