what is accountabilityconnect for individuals?

Individuals who are serving as consultants to districts or campuses may join accountabilityconnect and access a special, limited scope of ac23-24 services, defined as follows:

  • Individual members will receive access to all information, tools, and resources generally provided to member districts (including access to all recorded webinars posted on the ac users page).
  • Individual members may utilize resources with any campus located in a participation member district, but may not use, provide, or disclose any accountabilityconnect resources to any campus located in a district that is not a member district.
  • Individual members will not have access to on-demand telephone, email, or virtual support.
  • Individual members are not permitted to share the login information with any campus or district.
  • Individual membership in accountabilityconnect is limited to individuals who are serving in their individual capacities as consultants to districts or campuses.
  • Individuals who are employees of, or who are affiliated with, ESCs or other organizations providing school improvement services to districts and/or campuses are NOT eligible for individual membership.


the accountabilityconnect service year is May 1, 2023, through April 30, 2024