Do you want a robust resource for
planning math instruction all year long?
This is for you!

What is the elementary Math ePLC?
Math ePLCs provide a springboard to both ignite and support collaborative team discussions prior to planning instruction. Leaders, instructional coaches, and teachers will gain valuable insight into the specificities needed for rich Tier 1 instructional planning. Also, the Math ePLC is a great tool for the self-contained teacher (who might plan in isolation) to receive targeted background information and critical implications for instruction.

How can the Math ePLC pre-recorded learning videos help me?

  • addresses highly tested TEKS Clusters
  • embeds stimuli, vocabulary, and best strategic approaches for instruction
  • includes prior knowledge for grade-level entry points and vertical alignment
  • addresses common misconceptions through item analysis for highly tested interesting items
  • includes opportunities to pause and collaboratively discuss and/or reflect

What’s available?

  • 4 highly tested TEKS Clusters (per grade)
  • 2 pre-recorded learning videos per TEKS Cluster 
    • scaffold video (10-15 minutes)
    • released test video (10-15 minutes)


grade 3

grade 4

grade 5

aug. 1

addition and subtraction

whole number operations


aug. 1

multiplication and division



sept. 1



geometry and measurement

oct. 1



graphing on a coordinate plane

Grade 3-5 math teachers and leaders

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The Math ePLC service year is June 1, 2023 - May 31, 2024.